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On The Needles

Creative ruts are not helped, if like me, you decide to take on massive but very dull projects. All at once. And then don't touch them because they are very boring, very large and, never ending.

Behold my Slytherin scarf! Oh how I adore you, you'll be so cosy come October! You'll compliment my hair and skin tone! You'll let people know I can be a touch ruthless when it comes to board games. But do you have to take so long? It seems I can't marathon enough T.V. or audio books to satisfy you. And yarn. Oh my, so much yarn.

But oh how I love a scarf than can be referred to as a swathe.

So I shall persist. We've got Netflix, and the BBC iPlayer. I figure one evening's solid knitting a week should do it? The yarn is cascade 2020 in hunter green (8893) and Grey (8509, I am vaguely following this pattern and using tech knitter's stationary jogless stripe

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